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Shade Products Australia are manufacturers and installers of customised shade solutions with a wide range of innovative products. Our range of products start from simple residential fittings to hi-tech commercial structures, we do the lot. We have specifically sourced (and always looking for more) high quality & reliable products that cater for all shade solutions. Since every shade structure is customised we go through with you every step from design, through to construction while maintaining the highest quality and service. We are turning current boring shaded areas into exciting environments with our modern shade solutions. Visit Our Google+

Our full range of products includes: Shade Sails, Shade Structures, Structural and outdoor Umbrellas, Outdoor & Cafe Blinds, Sail Blinds,Cafe structures, Ultimate Lattice, Screens, Slatting, & Stainless Steel Wire Balustrade.

We are always looking for new and exciting products to add to our range.


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Our Products

promo-img-bigSHADE PRODUCTS AUSTRALIA sails, are a versatile, cost effective, solution to shading any outdoor environment, using the highest quality fabrics your shade sail will last you many years. Our covering provides protection from the sun and looks great in most outdoor areas – covering pools, barbeques, patio areas, spa’s pretty much any open environment which requires shade. Not to mention the ideal for use in public outdoor areas – at shopping centers, car yards, community centers, child care centers, schools, outdoor playgrounds / activity areas and sporting venues.

Shade sails are available in just about any shape and color. Shade sails are attached to free standing uprights (or suitable existing structures) with Stainless Steel fixing points. All fixings used are marine grade stainless steel or hot dip galvanized and once constructed your shade will require no maintenance.We use several types of shade cloth of which (depending on the situation) we feel are the best for the job. Read More

promo-img-bigShade Structures are generally steel structures with a shade cloth or a waterproof PVC membrane tensioned over them. Here are some reasons why our shade structures are Australia’s leading choice:
Once you’ve figured out the basics, it’s time to review your options when seeking the ideal outdoor blinds Sydney. The main materials used for these products will include:

  • Fully engineered with a 10 year warranty on all steel structures and fittings.
  • 10 year manufactures warranty on UV degradation of shade cloth fabrics.
  • All SHADE PRODUCT AUSTRALIA structures & footings are designed & engineer certified, they comply with AS 1170.2 (Wind Code) and AS4100 (Steel Structures).Read More
promo-img-bigNew To SHADE PRODUCTS AUSTRALIA is the quality Vogue 4 and 5 metre in ground, engineered, cantilever umbrellas.Each umbrella is delivered as a complete kit including the canopy, the frame, an inground cage, the winch and all the fittings.

Vogue umbrellas are manufactured to the highest quality using first grade Australian steel and are hot dipped galvanized to provide rust protection. Square hollow section is used to provide lateral strength and eliminate sagging.

The umbrellas are manufactured using a ‘brake style’ winch offering ease of ascent and descent of the umbrella.Installation of a Vogue Umbrella allows safety and security via a flush mounted, no trip system. This system alleviates the need for a Read More

promo-img-bigAt SHADE PRODUCTS AUSTRALIA we sell the genuine Revolvashade Umbrella range because of there superior engineering design and manufacturing quality, which allows them to withstand powerfull winds up to cyclonic conditions.

Designed by German engineering, manufactured and assembled in Australia

The shade umbrellas have often been copied but never equaled, Beware of inferior quality imitations, manufactured in third world countries,They may look similar to genuine Revolvashade Umbrellas,but imitations are betrayed by there price ,quality and engineering which is not cheap, but the value is incomparable,especially in cyclone areas and in the more southerly parts of Australia Read More

promo-img-bigThe patented Clever Shade is designed for two applications:

Vehicles: 4WDs, work vehicles such as council, Telstra workers and so on; RVs, caravans and campers.
A larger version which mounts on a wall to provide shade over spas, balconies, washing lines, small seating areas and so on.

The vehicle mounted Clever Shade

Ideal for fishing, camping, tradesmen’s vehicles,boats, even flea markets—anywhere you might want shade and you have your vehicle. The vehicle-mounted Clever Shade mounts directly to the Rhino roof rack and is very quick and easy to assemble as can be seen in the photo’s below.Read More

promo-img-bigA new and exciting shade concept that SHADE PRODUCTS AUSTRALIA has been involved in from the early days of conception.

TRIAX can be used in many applications The Triax system offers a simplified method for the construction of waterproof shade.

Difficult site restrictions can be more easily overcome due to the adaptability of the components. Minor design modifications can be handled onsite if they occur this system is a screw together on site system,no fire risk from welding

Appropriate design guidelines have been drawn up by our engineers and all Triax connections have been load tested.Read More

promo-img-bigSHADE PRODUCTS AUSTRALIA is proud to introduct the new range of Claw structures.

A structure that requires only one single coloum and makes an interesting architeural statement.

Claw Structures are engineer designed and wind rated

Canopys can be waterproof or shadecloth material

WATER PROOF PRICE RANGE FROM $350.00 per SQ meterRead More

promo-img-bigWhen creating a separate living space on a patio, garden area, or porch, you’ll want high quality outdoor blinds Sydney to add privacy, shade, and insect protection. In your quest for the ideal blinds for your outdoor living space, you’ll find plenty of options. Depending on factors like your budget, design goals, and space, you’ll be able to select the perfect shades or blinds for any outdoor area. When you begin your search, you’ll want to have a few things in mind. Some things to remember as you seek out the perfect blinds for an outdoor area include the material, measurements, durability, and colour.
Once you’ve figured out the basics, it’s time to review your options when seeking the ideal outdoor blinds Sydney. The main materials used for these products will include Read More
promo-img-bigWe design and fabricate streetscape centre post umbrellas,cantilever umbrellas, and giant umbrellas for shade in the summer sun or a waterproof environment in winter. We supply alfresco cafes and restaurants, offices, schools, child care centers,hotels,resorts or even large domestic installations. Designed by German engineering, manufactured and assembled in Australia.

We specially design and engineer our shade structures to achieve certification. Whether you are after a conic structure,hip and ridge structure, modular structure or barrel structure we can help you with the entire project. We incorporate a PVC canopy or acrylic canvas membrane depending on your requirements. Our unique tensioning system allows for ease.Read More

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